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Want to know what really makes me happy?  Come on, indulge me.  Of course you do.

Well, it’s writing.  Writing most anything, to be honest:  Letters … brochures … websites … blogs … emails … white papers … collateral material … postcards … commercials … ads … online ads … press releases … presentations … articles … RFPs … POVs … and yes, even books (have a memoir about my mother and me on the go right now, as a matter of fact.)  For that matter, I’ll even ghost write your book.

I love everything about writing:  Words.  What they mean.  How their meaning can change depending on the context in which you use them.  Punctuation, and how the use of an exclamation point instead of a period can make a simple sentence more dramatic, or more important.  I love the rhythm you can create.  I love getting that first thought down on paper, or on the screen.  I love reading my first draft.  Then re-writing.  Editing.  Refining.   Polishing.  And crafting.  I love telling stories … sharing feelings … having conversations … selling ideas … evoking emotions … triggering memories … and getting reactions.

Want to see some stuff I’ve done?  All you’ve got to do is ask.  (but for starters, I am the author of this blog).

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