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  1. December 5, 2012

    I didn’t pursue advertising after college, for reasons I’ll not get into here; but I still remember one incident:

    I had a professor who worked at BBDO, a gentleman by the name of Steve. I liked him. He was a quiet sort who encouraged creativity by giving us space to work, trusting that we’d follow through.

    A fellow SVA student and I visited his office once after hours. There was an art director who played electric guitar at all hours in the office, as a way of enticing ideas. But we didn’t get to hear him play; Steve told us about it when we noticed the guitar through his open office door.

    The way Steve told us about this was matter-of-fact, as if this were a normal happening in advertising. This monolithic giant of an agency somehow managed to keep the energy and enthusiasm of a tiny startup house, and this guy who played guitar in the office–a man I’ve never met–somehow became my faceless ambassador to all that was good in the field.

    • fransiweinstein #
      December 5, 2012

      Exactly right. Although I must say that most of the agencies I worked at did (and may still) encourage ‘creatives’ to tap into their inner muses however it works for them. Playing guitar, taking off in the muddle of the day to go to a movie or the museum, shooting hoops in the department ‘playroom’. Whatever as long as it works. Agency life is somewhat unorthadox, but despite that, the responsibility we have to clients, their brands and their money is taken very seriously. I know a ‘Steve’ who worked for BBDO in LA. But when he and I worked together he had mived to Ogilvy in New York. He’s a legend in the business. I adored him. Still do.

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